Through education, grassroots organizing, and offering tools to create social change,  Solidarity For Sanctuary focuses on impacting the lives of the Latinx community, people of color, youth, and allies.

We are a needs-based organization that provides a framework in which families, youth and the immigrant community can learn about issues that impact their daily lives. Within this framework we offer space for people to come together and learn how impactful it is to work together. In addition, they gather tools that can be used to create long lasting changes to their community. Through solidarity they learn the power of voice and the importance of community. 


The people who make this possible

Founder, Executive Director

Doris Muñoz

Co-Executive Director

Diana Diaz

Production Director

Rachêl Barocio

PR Director / Production

Phoebe Smolin

Marketing and Communications Director

Maximilian Mendelsohn

Your support is powerful.

We believe in the power of community— it is the driving force behind our movement. It is through the generosity of our community that we are able to create lasting change and provide support for immigrant communities.